Sometimes, it's like breathing underwater.
You'll never know, how much one's heart can hold.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011 ;

Times past so fast. And its already May. And yep, my CA1s are coming, like next week. Must memorise theory, like alot ar. ): ! Teacher told us that, there will be a mock test for AAC tomorrow. And Tomorrow we'll be going down to IRAS at novena area. I hope next week's SW lesson can be like today, noneed to run. Don't like running. And yeh, i admit i suck at playing netball, captains ball. Geez. :l . In fact, i'm not good at sporst. Sheesh. ): ! Now going to do my taxation homework. And yeh, later need to continue doing my aac revision paper, and memorise chapter 1. Rhawwwwws. TT!

If i died today, would there be anything you wish you had said to me?

Saturday, April 30, 2011 ;

Monday's public holiday. That means one day off from school , hees. x:
Haven't start doing my homework yet (talking about that i actually need to COMPLETE it), but nevermind. Maybe i'll start tomorrow, or maybe monday o: Abit lazy to do. :l AAC homework ar. ): ! Our CA1's coming real soon. Like really SOON. One's on the 10th of May, and one falls on the 12th of May. Hope i can pass ar ><.

Am hugging my bugsbunny and watching Dream High OST now. Teared at some parts. ): . Laughed at some parts, and giggling through some scenes. Ahahah. Going to finish soon. Now watching the special concert. Wouldn't it be great if there's season 2? I mean, its a nice drama/show! ): . IU and Wooyoung makes the cutest couple. Ahaha. (Y) ^^

Monday, April 25, 2011 ;

Went to school as usual. 2nd year. New class. This is so called the 'final year' somehow. Must work harder lur. Heard people say AAc's easier than IAC. But to me, it seems difficult all along, and confusing. @.@ ! First half of the year got taxation. So much theory. ): I don't really like theory stuffs, cause i suck at memorizing alot of theory. :l . Our CA reminded us that there's test tomorrow. I don't remember there's one tomorrow. Oh, neverminds. :l . AAc's homeowrk, stuck already. The amount seems weird. :l ! Wait tomorrow teacher go through ba. Hope i'm not late tomorrow. o:

I guess its 'I'll back off so you can live better.'

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 ;

Wasn't feeling well today. Luckily i didn't throw up today in school. After school walked to mrt in the rain, since i've no umbrella. Walked awhile, one of my classmate's friend share her umbrella with me till we reached the mrt. Thanks for her umbrella. But still, i was drenched abit due to walking in the rain. What a good day (Bad day). Just had dinner not long ago. Then got stomachache. Till now, my stomach still pain. ): !

The only good thing about today was there's no homework. Atleast, one day that i've a rest from AAC. :l . Tomorrow i think teacher may give homework lur.

Songs Playing.

Yours Truly.

Julia TXL♥

Ite - Bishan campus.
18 February, presents for me! :D



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